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Soar Above The Clouds With The TMG Agent Program

TMG has changed right along with the industry

As we grew larger and larger, it became obvious we needed to focus our energy on the southeast as a regional master agency. It was also necessary to grow internally as well.

Our core operating principles are:

Our agents are paid on time, every time. We have no quotas. We never cut an agent off for low performance.

We pride ourselves on doing the right thing, and it is what TMG stands for Value, Service, and Integrity.


Without a doubt, the most beneficial aspect of working with TMG is relying on our portfolio of over 100 carriers to obtain exactly what your client needs. We also have full-time sales support and accounting teams. Our ability and agility with fulfillment ensure our agents maximize their time selling.

Telco Management Group was founded in 2002 by our president Marilyn Dooley. Marilyn spent her entire career in telecommunications and once deregulation was put into law, she realized there was a huge need for a one-stop-shop that could offer all the CLECs available at one time.

As a result, Marilyn obtained contracts from all the competitive local exchange carriers that were offering agent programs for the newly emerging “alternate channels”. The products were very easy to sell. She approached local telephone dealers in the Southeast and recommended that they sell dial tone, as well as phones to their customer base. In a very short time, she had many agents using the TMG agency to sell dial tone, as well as equipment on a residual income basis.

Fast forward to today. Not only has the industry changed technically, but the independent sales representative is now the standard, not the exception.

TMG completes the needs analysis, obtains the quotes, prepares a three-carrier presentation document, with contracts, and then follows the order until installation. The principle behind this is simple. We want you to do what you do best which is usually sales, and we want to do what we do best, the operations function. There are many “Master Agents” out there, however, TMG is unique. No one works as hard or gives the level of support to its’ agents as TMG.


If you have an interest in becoming a TMG Agent or want more information, please call us at 678 574 0573.X1.

Why Partner with Telco Management Group

Your agent partners are committed sales professionals. They are very good at what they do; from sales calls, to presentations, to obtaining contract signatures, they are simply the best! However, what they hate is the tedious process of multi-location bill analysis, excel spread sheets, obtaining multiple quotes, securing the best carrier based on a needs analysis, and creating formal quotes suitable for client presentations. That’s where TMG comes in!

Not only will we do all that time-consuming laborious work, we’ll format it into an easy to understand spread sheet the agent can present, clearly showing the cost/benefit analysis for their client. Once the contract is signed, TMG takes over. We submit it to the carrier, monitor fulfillment, work the phone as circuits cut, trouble shoot problems, and finally make sure the account is turned up and billing, so the agent is paid. If you are skilled at sales but hate the tedious back office work, we are your answer. But don’t take my word for it, see what our agents have to say!

I recently had back surgery and was not able to work for five months. Thankfully those residual checks kept coming. TMG assures me that I’ll get paid on time, every time regardless of my sales.

Maria from Indiana

One of my customers was extremely upset over a billing issue with their vendor. They spent months trying to resolve the issue. TMG stepped in and worked out the problem, much to my customer’s satisfaction.

Philip from Georgia

I sold services to a very large client with multiple locations.  A TMG representative was assigned Project Manager and followed the account all the way through installation and then obtained login credentials to monitor the account for billing discrepancies. My customer was very impressed which means they are more likely to renew with me.

Walter from Tennessee

I have been working with Telco Management Group for over ten years and have found them to be honest, reputable and dependable. They do all the work which allows me to do what I do best –sell.

David from Georgia

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